Why Coast?


The Coast We Call Home

Coasts mark the area where dry land meets earth. They are one of the most active environments found on earth. The coastal landscape affected by the interactions of the earth, the sun, and the moon is an ever changing landscape with a constant exchange of resources.


Why L.A. ?

L.A. is a beautifully, active environment full of talented dancers, choreographers, and collaborating artist. However, we noticed that there was no dry land to exchange resources and information. We were all floating adrift, desperately trying to send signals to each other, but unfortunately most of our signals were lost at sea.

LA SKY.jpeg

A Digital Home

Coast can now be that dry land we are all in need of. A place to gather, share and exchange information. A centralized digital home to the Los Angeles dance community.

We Need You

To make this work, we need you! The landscape of the Coast does not change if the tides do not come in. If you are offering classes or having a show, submit them to our class/show calendars or request a review. Check out our Instagram, youtube, and podcast to get more involved in the conversation within the community. You can shape this Coast however you need, to better enhance and enjoy your dance experience.

Get Involved

Bryanna Brock