Creating Dance in the Digital Era

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How do you do it? How do you take an art form that is so powerful in its live form and translate that power to a screen? How do you take 3D space and 3D bodies and make them transcend space and time in a digital form? What aspects of creation become important? what aspects become irrelevant? How do you keep art at the forefront in the age of mass production content?

How do you sustain the financial and artistic needs of a dance company in the Digital Era?

These are a couple of the many questions we have been pondering as we set out to create Coast. When creating and designing Coast dance company, we wanted to not only keep in mind the idea of creating work. We wanted to also keep in mind the needs of the community, the individuality of our audience, and the logistics of Los Angeles.

Creating live dance work at a time where most people can access endless music, film, and other forms of “content” at their fingertips is a challenge. A challenge we are excited to take on.

We want to give you the content you want.

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Our goal is to create fluid content that is informative and entertaining. Content you can enjoy on your own, with friends, anytime you want, and anywhere. Content that connects you to a larger community and provides you easier access to all things dance in Los Angeles

Come into Contact with All things Dance.

We hope that you will engage with us digitally and live in person. If you are local to LA or visiting, come take class with us, attend our shows, and meet up with us at our special events.

The Coast We Call Home.

Make Coast your new digital home for all things dance and share, share, share with your friends!!

Bryanna Brock