Artistic Partners

Video, Visual, Graphic, Photographers, Sound, Editors, Lighting, Costume Designers

Here at Coast we are always looking for new artist to work with and collaborate with on our projects.

Benefits of Being an Artistic Partner

  • A place to submit work to be used in our media.

Do You have past work sitting in a file somewhere not being used? At Coast we are always looking for Music, graphics, film footage and Costumes to use in our videos. By becoming a partner you will be able to submit any work you would like to be used in our films on instagram and Youtube, anytime you want.

  • An opportunity to Collaborate with Coast on projects.

at anytime you can request to collaborate with us on a project. These are not currently paid positions and are based on a volunteer basis, but that is subject to change if the content begins to generate income. Volunteering is a great way to get face time with the company, so when we do have paid projects and we already like working with you, you are more likely to be hired.

  • Be added to our Artistic Partners List.

Once you sign up you will be added to the complete list of Artistic Partners, which will be given to Our Network of Creative partners. You will also the be first we call when we hire artist for paid projects.

  • Its Free to Sign Up!

*All Artist will always be credited for their work by name or social link

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